The Home Depot: Not a Driver Issue, but a Competition Issue.

With the expected arrival of Matt Kenseth at Joe Gibbs Racing, it should come to nobody’s surprise that sponsorship is the reasoning.

Many believe that the Home Depot is not happy with Joey Logano. That is partially correct. They are very unhappy with his performance. He has never been a threat to win a championship and until this season has really not done well at all. With that said they don’t dislike him because of his attitude or his PR work he’s done for the organization.

The Home Depot is losing out against their competition against Lowe’s. Jimmie Johnson has represented Lowe’s very well winning multiple races per season and winning 5 consecutive championships in 5 of the last 6 seasons. Winning races earns more coverage and more exporsure, and Johnson’s relationship with Lowe’s proves that.

A viable option would be for Joey to get Dollar General to sponsor him fulltime in the Cup Series or find another ride, but Logano more than likely won’t be happy with a fulltime Nationwide Series ride after the dominating season he has had because that alone says he should be in the Cup Series.

  • Jerry Morgan

    why would Home Depot want Kenseth if he’s already currently #1 in the points yet has trouble finding full-time sponsorship?

    • Bryant

      He’s a championship caliber driver. They want to find a driver who has and can win more championships like Jimmie Johnson. Joey Logano hasn’t come anywhere near that in the Cup level.

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