Nov 4, 2012; Fort Worth, TX, USA; Sprint Cup Series driver Jimmie Johnson (48) celebrates winning the AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

Jimmie Johnson: NASCAR Fan's Nightmare

Baseball has the Yankees, football has the New England Patriots (in modern times; used to be Dallas), basketball has the Los Angeles Lakers, and I can on and on. The one thing all of these teams have in common with Jimmie Johnson is that they are the sports fans’ biggest nightmare.

They win a lot of games/races and they win multiple championships. You can never count them out and when you do, they always shock you at the last minute. And above all..if you are not a fan of them, you hate them. That is the case for Jimmie Johnson, Chad Knaus and the 48 team.

Last season when Jimmie Johnson’s streak came to an end the fans rejoiced! The dominance of the 48 team was finally over. Someone else was going to get a chance to win a championship.

Fans saw Johnson’s streak end as a sign that Johnson would no longer be a contender. Sadly, those fans (including myself) got a big fat dose of reality. Reality being that Johnson may have had an season of downs last year, but he isn’t ready to quit winning championships.

So what is the problem with winning a sixth championship? The majority of NASCAR fans seem to be sickened by the thought that Johnson could win another one.

What Johnson has done in NASCAR has earned a lot of respect for me, but I admit I am one of those fans who dreads seeing the 48 dominate, win, and now contend and more than likely win this year’s championship.

However, while most fans agree with me, the reasoning may be different.

What the fans say: “Seeing Jimmie win all the time is boring!”

I agree that I tend to get bored of seeing the same team/driver win games/races, but it’s because of what the non-Jimmie Johnson fans say that I think it’s bad that Johnson is dominating again and with in grasp of a sixth championship

Most NASCAR fans are not fans of Johnson. Most are fans of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and other drivers. Johnson does have significant fan base, but when your fans don’t represent the majority of NASCAR fans it could hurt business and the sport.

Because Johnson is more than likely going to win the championship, most fans are not even going to watch the final two races. Why? Because it’s boring to watch someone who’s been so dominant continue to be dominant and win another championship.

Now, I’m not so positive that Keselowski is out of it, because you never know when you may have an early exit. I think the title race will go down to Homestead so I will be watching it all until the end. As for the other fans…I can’t speak on their behalf!

Barring a miracle, this is a two-man Chase for the Cup. Who will win?

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