More Changes Coming to NASCAR In 2013

NASCAR has announced new changes coming in 2013. Changes affect all series.

As NASCAR introduces the 2013 car there are even more changes to come. Starting next season driver’s names will no longer be above the window but on the windshield. The goal of this change is bring more driver awareness and star power. Sponsors will also be featured on the hood. NASCAR will call the new 2013 car the “Generation Six” car, referring to it as the sixth generation of the stock car.

NASCAR will add sponsors on the roof and driver’s names on the windshield. (NASCAR)

NASCAR has also lowered the age restriction in the Camping World truck series to 16. 16 and 17-year-olds can now race in the truck series on road courses and tracks less than one mile. Previously the age restriction was 18-years-old across every track.

Other notes made during NASCAR’s announcement, Brian France says details have not been worked out yet for the truck series to race at Eldora Speedway but thinks it would add a twist to the series and a way to go back to the roots of NASCAR. NASCAR will add Eldora and Greenville-Pickens Speedway in 2014 in SAFER-barriers are feasible.

France also reinstated that NASCAR wants drivers to be involved in social media but will not allow drivers to have phones in the car because the electronic devices could give drivers an advantage. France went on to say that NASCAR is looking at a digital cockpit but did not elaborate on what that meant.

Brian France added that every driver should follow Dale Earnhardt Jr.‘s example when it comes to concussions. He wants drivers to be smart and do what is best for them.


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