Nov 18, 2012; Homestead, FL, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers race through the front stretch during the Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead Miami Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

NASCAR TV Ratings Worse In 5 Years

According to the 2012 NASCAR season saw the worst TV ratings the series has seen in 5 years. Though, is it really that surprising? Give or take a few select races, there really wasn’t much to talk about until the final few races of the campaign.

The season got off to a interesting and uncontrollable start. The Daytona 500 was postponed for the first time in the race’s history and to make more drama, Juan Pablo Montoya hit a jet dryer and the race was red flagged for hours. It could have possibly been the first NASCAR race to start one day and finish another without a complete cancelation. There were really only a few other races that were really “memorable”. Of course the Watkins Glen finish was certainly one of the best finishes of the season. Tony Stewart going airborne at Talladega will not be forgotten. Jeff vs Clint…does not need an explanation. Maybe 3 or 4 other races are worth talking about but that’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. That’s 7 out of 36 races. 19% is just sad. And of course what do NASCAR executives do? Blame somebody else…

NASCAR’s vice president of broadcasting Steve Herbst said, “It’s an Olympic year, and there was other competitive programming we were up against.”

What a load of absolute garbage in my opinion. NASCAR has so many internal problems and it is what is causing the loss of viewers. That’s a whole different story but mainly NASCAR needs to get straight with their rules and give teams more room to mess with the cars. Maybe this is just me but I feel like NASCAR is being incredibly stupid for doing all of this computerized data with the cars. Too me that’s just not real racing.

Another reason why I believe the ratings are down is because of the announcers. FOX is the only network to have good announcers that won’t make your skin crawl. Still no one compares to the old NASCAR on CBS announcers Ken Squier, Ned Jarrett, David Hobbs and Buddy Baker. If you go to YouTube and type 1988 Daytona 500 Starting Lineup, Ken Squier makes the race seem like a life or death, take no prisoners race which is what is should be. If it were up to me, I would have the SPEED crew doing the race.

The ratings are going in the can because Brian France and the NASCAR executives have the combined IQ of a raisin and they don’t understand what the real NASCAR fan is.

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  • Ken Nelson

    Your article on Nascars management, ratings, and the tracks not filling the stands really hits me hard as I’ve been Nascar fan since the Bill France days. I firmly believe there is way more problem issues going on within the Nascar management than any of us can imagine and I think it begins with the guy, (Brian France), that can’t seem to manage his own marriage much less Nascar itself. I’m real disappointed in Brian France “modern” Nascars chase format in that a driver can no longer be a real season champion but only a 10 race champion. The new point system makes it harder to stay up in the points and worse of all as far as I’m concerned is the social media like Twitter and Facebook. Even though Nascar does promote that drivers should relate with fans they rarely get time to do so and even @Nascar themselves don’t and won’t respond. Example, I sent this tweet to Nascar and to drivers and media.
    @Nascar Opinion Please: In the interest of safety and only at the two super speedways, what if the cars didn’t have ANY Aero package (spoilers or downforce), Max speeds on straights 170 to 180mph, with Max speeds on turns around 150 to 160mph (maybe less tire width). With a package like this, wouldn’t it get drivers racing drivers again for the whole race (not just the last 50 laps) climbing out of their STOCK cars wringing with SWEAT like in the days of Bill France racing? Didn’t that kind of racing bring #Nascar to it’s most popular times? #SafetyANDExcitment #TheModernDayOldCar
    After sending the above multiple times I got 1 short reply from a media person of the Speed Chanel. Then I sent this with no response from anyone.
    #JustSaying drivers LOVE Richmond so what if Nascars handled like Richmond at both superspeedways? #WorthaTest? #Nascar
    Then in my frustration I sent the following and still no replys.
    As a 62 year old #Nascar fan of many years I really wish twitter was around years ago. I probably would have tweeted to my favorite driver of ALL time Tim Richmond. Well now I can tweet not only to my favorite driver but to any #Nascar driver, media reporter, crew chief, pit member, team owners, or even @Nascar itself. Although one would think this new technology is pretty awesome I have to say it’s incredibly disappointing AND frustrating when I tweet, tweet, tweet, over and over and over to, almost ALWAYS, not get a response. Having said all this I do understand what @Kenny_Wallace said on @NASCARonSPEED about having so many followers that its to difficult to answer all the tweets they get and I especially understand this in the busy times like #RaceDay #FastFriday or #FF and even practice and qualifying day. I Love to watch @KristaVota reporting and she has well over 54,000 followers but does that mean she has over 54,000 tweets to answer at any given time? @Nascar has well over 776,000 followers so do they have all those many at any given point? And @Kenny_Wallace has over 121,000 and yet, maybe because he likes to tweet more than others(hahaha), I’ve watched Kenny and many others in the #Nascar family carry conversations back and forth for Long periods of time. Please tell me that the #Nascar fan is an important #Nascar family member!!!… It’s beginning to seem like the millionaire Nascar members are more like our political leaders in that they work for corporate America for corporate dollars rather than “WE THE PEOPLE” or “We NASCAR FANS”. If I were a corporate owner and I tweeted to ANY Nascar team, how fast do you think I’d get a response. What has become of MY FAVORITE SPORT, The “@NASCAR FAMILY” Sorry for such a long tweet, I’m almost certain I’ve wasted my time and yours. Do ya think I’ll get a response? I really do love this sport but its getting to the point I my opt to not purchase a product that sponsors Nascar or it’s race teams.
    Its SAD!!!…

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  • Tyler Katt

    I would have named this article “How Brian France killed Nascar popularity”. He cannot go on blaming the economy for ever. He cannot blame football or the Olymipcs. Brian France and his stupidity have brought on the decline of this sport. Cars that are exact replicas of each other with the exception of decals. Drivers with zero personality that are just corporate shills. The 2013 car is supposed to fix most of the racing related problems but Nascar is doing extensive R&D on how to make these cars as equal as possible, no doubt with a rules package that will once again provide fines for anyone who finds an advantage. We already had IROC, it died, as will Nascar. And let us not forget the “Champion via points reset” system known as The Chase. Did Brian France ever wonder why nobody ever won more than 3 Championships in a row before his format? Petty couldn’t do it, or Earnhardt and they were GREAT race car drivers, but here comes JJ… 5 championships in a row without the needed burden of actually scoring more points than everyone else. I cannot get excited about this any more and by looking attendance and TV numbers there are a lot of people just like me that simply will find something else to watch.

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  • Taft Horn

    I personally think the fans are not watching because NASCAR is no longer held on the high pedestal of super men doing something special that the average person cannot do. Now, we have girls racing and the feeling is “..if girls can race, how difficult can it be?” Take them out of the cars, off pit lane, out of the booth and let the men get on with it. There are plenty of sports girl can and do succeed in, like tennis, volleyball, soccer, field hockey, etc., so how about leaving a man’s sport alone. Bring back the good old days and the fans will return…Until then I will not watch any more roundy-roundy.

    • Michael Abrams

      Way to be a fucking sexist bigot. You fucking chauvinistic dope. No, women being involved in racing are not the cause for NASCARs awful on track product, lack of driver personality, and horrible TV coverage, the things that actually caused the ratings to drop. Women competing in NASCAR is hardly anything new. Nobody said those things when Janet Guthrie competed in the 70s and she was far more competitive than Danica will ever be. Danica is awful as a driver and the media makes far too big of a deal out of her but this doesn’t mean women cannot do it and that it’s a mans only sport. I hope somebody like Johanna Long can get in better than bottom of the barrel equipment and show what she can really do in Nationwide and maybe even Cup (she did after all win the Snowball Derby, the biggest short track Late Model race in the country, and might even be able to win it again this weekend.)

  • Kevi Nmaiden

    Brian France has killed NASCAR with all the changes he has made.One of the changes is the CHASE format.
    People who are fans of certain drivers that have had a great season are waking up to the fact that the 26 races really means nothing its when you get into the last 10 races makes the whole season seem like a crapshoot.
    How many times has the CHASE point system been tweeked (almost every year BF has changed it ) hoping people would buy into how great it is for NASCAR
    and ratings would go up. He has alienated fans since he took the reins from his father and I think NASCAR is at the point now that it will only go down from here.

  • Ray Snut

    In 2011 NASCAR saw a ratings increase because the racing had improved over the past few years and Smoke’s championship run in the chase was one for the ages. In 2012 there were very few good races and no great races, IMNSHO, and the TV ratings suffered as a result. To paraphrase Shakespeare “The race is the thing.” Give the drivers a raceable car and they will put on a great show. Only then will the viewers come back.