Just 4 great mods in NR2003

2013 Is 10th Aniversery of NASCARs Greatest Video Game!

Released on Febuary 13th 2003 NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (or NR2003 for short) is still without a question the greatest NASCAR video game ever created. Its sort of emarassing that other video game compaines cant make a game as good as this with all of the new technology.

NR2003 was released by Papyrus Design Group and is a racing game released for the PC only. What makes the game so great are nurmurous things. For startrers the games physics are absalutly stunning. When a car flips it barrell rolls EXACTLY like race cars do in real life. Since its a computer game you can tweak the games physics and a simple change to one thing can make the cars go up in the air like they do in real life when they get turned aound. The physics are just one thing that makes NR2003 the best NASCAR game ever.

NR2003 is capable of adding mods. So bascily in NR2003 you can race as cars from 2003, 1970,1963 or any year from 1981-present..Say you race as a car from 1988, you will race with the same body styles that were around then. Same goes for the other mods. You can also race as late models, modifieds, indy cars, trucks and more. With different cars from different decades also comes versions of tracks from different decades. One of my personal favorite tracks to race at is Talladega 1987 but there are tracks from tons of different years.

There are many “little differences” that make NR2003 a great game. For one insted of having the computer drive through the pits and go into your pitstall, you actually have to drive your car within the speed limit and into your pit stall (which is not easy). You also get the chance to drive the car under the caution and you can get penalized or disqualifed for speeding, not exiting the pit safley and reckless driving. Another big difference is you control the car before the green flag. There is an option that you can start the race from the pits just like NASCAR really does.

With the power of the internet people have takin NR2003 to a whole new level. There are still many NR2003 online leauges you can race in, people are still making new mods, tracks and cars. People make crash comps and put them on youtube. My personal favorite is when people make reenactments of real NASCAR moments and put them on youtube. Me myself have done this (my username is phxracing42) and have done over 100 NR2003 reenactments.

Its hard to explain how great NR2003 is until you actually see it. So go to youtube and type NR2003 and watch some of the videos that come up and you will be amazed at what you see. I gurarntee it

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