Aug 25, 2012; Bristol, TN, USA; General view of the NASCAR Sprint Cup IRWIN Tools Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Opinion: Why the Sprint Cup Series Should Race Only On Sunday!

Saturday is not a night for Sprint Cup Racing. I believe night racing is not for NASCAR. It throws off the whole weekend and more importantly: What am I suppose to do on Sundays?

Saturday night is meant for one type of racing and that is the local short tracks or the “home tracks” as NASCAR likes to call them. Many fans love to go to their local track to see their favorite local drivers race and maybe see a future Sprint Cup champion. Less people are going to watch a Saturday night race because they are at the track, out shopping, or spending time with family. Or if your between the ages of 15-30 your probably going to be out hanging with your friends.

Night racing in general to me is just pointless. I’m an extremely old school person so maybe that’s why but I love it when races start at 1pm on Sunday’s. I remember hearing on TV once that the Firecracker 400 started at 11am eastern time. That would be so cool to see for one week. The only races I think that should be at night are the Shootout and the All-Star race. They’re specials races and they should be run at special times.

If they race on a Saturday then what am I suppose to do on Sunday. When the NFL season hasn’t started there is nothing on TV. Its nice to have a relaxing Sunday, sitting and watching the race. It’s really nice to wake up at 7am and watch the Formula 1 race than immediately after watch RaceDay and then watch the race, Victory Lane then Wind Tunnel. It makes for a whole racing day.

7 times out of 10, I cant even stay up for the end of the races. If they are going to have the races at night, a good idea would be to rebroadcast them at 1pm on Sundays so at least for the people that missed it can see it again.

Call me old school but I don’t care because all the races should be run on Sunday

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