Jeremy Mayfield Confronts Brian France on Radio

In May of 2009, Jeremy Mayfield was suspended indefinitely from NASCAR competition for violating the sanctioning body’s substance abuse and drug policy. That was the match that lit a fire that is still flaming today. 

He and his wife spent the next three years and still today, battling NASCAR in legal courts over his suspension.

Last night, Mayfield took advantage of a radio show where NASCAR CEO Brian France was a guest, to confront France.

“I thought I would just call in and see how you guys were doing, Brian, Eli,” Mayfield said as he introduced himself on the radio. “Haven’t been around much to talk to you guys lately, and just wanted to ask Brian if he’s willing to accept the fact I’d like to come back racing and if we could sit down and talk about it and figure out what we need to do to make that work.”

Of course it didn’t take long for France to use AJ Allmendinger’s suspension and use of the Road to Recovery to defend NASCAR against Mayfield and his lawsuit(s).

“Well, Jeremy, you know the path back for you – it’s the path back for anybody,” France said. “I’ve always hoped you would choose the right path and not litigation and a bunch of other things, but that’s up to you and you have a welcome mat out anytime you want. There’s a stated process that AJ Allmendinger just went through and we welcomed him back, and it’s terrific. That’s up to you.”

That was enough to shut Mayfield up. He hung up quickly after France’s response. Mayfield refuses to enter the Road to Recovery program because he claims he never used drugs, despite multiple arrests.

After suing NASCAR until they went broke, the Mayfield’s, still claim their innocence.

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