The MP4-28 with drivers Sergio Perez and Jenson Button

McLaren launches the MP4-28

McLaren launched their 2013 challenger, the MP4-28, at their Woking headquarters today. The team also kicked off celebrations for their 50th year in motorsport by showcasing a few of those beautiful cars that McLaren had launched over the years and finally topping it off by unveiling of the stunning MP4-28. The launch, like Lotus F1’s was on YouTube, hosted on the OfficialMcLarenVids channel.


I’ve always felt that McLaren have the most beautiful cars in F1. Indeed, last year where almost every car on the grid had that ugly platypus nose, the McLaren (and Marussia) were the only teams to have the conventional nose and McLaren pulled it off superbly. And this year’s car doesn’t disappoint too. The nose is higher than it was last year and they do seem to have used the vanity panel to give the nose a conventional look. The rest of the car doesn’t give away any design secrets as well. Like Lotus, McLaren too have opted to keep their launch spec wings and side pods for the track.
Both drivers, Jenson Button and Sergio Perez were present at the launch event and unveiled the new car to the audience. They expressed confidence that the new car would excel in all departments and would hopefully win them both Drivers and Constructors Championships. Last year’s car was definitely good enough, but a slew of reliability issues hampered their title challenge. One hopes that those problems are ironed out this year and the McLarens show the speed they showed towards the end of the 2012.

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