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IZOD IndyCar in Italy?

Since the 2013 IZOD Indycar schedule was announced there has been speculation about adding a race in September, and either someone made a mistake or an announcement could be imminent.

Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello has updated the schedule to include an “Indycar Series” date on Sept. 15. So far the only comment was Indycar reporter Curt Cavin, quoting unnamed Indycar officials saying, “that should be coming off the website,” via twitter.

It deleted by early AM Eastern Time Zone, but the question that comes up is why? It’s been public knowledge for a while now that an Italian promoter was shopping between Mugello,Monzaand Imola to get a date on the 2013 schedule. Indycar officials came out shortly after and issued a weak denial. So now we get Mugello randomly making a mistake on their website and a very weak denial, if any at all.

So my thinking on this is that mistakes like this don’t just happen, if nothing else it gives some credence to the rumors that Mugello was considering an Indycar race. At least they were in negotiations for a date that never happened and the wrong schedule got passed the webmaster. Stuff like that happens. It’s also possible that an announcement got pushed back, which didn’t get communicated to the web guy. It’s a little random to think that date would show up without anything behind it. I’m a believer that mistakes often happen for a reason, and perhaps this is a sign of things to come.

I want to see more races. I want to see more races on standing circuits instead of street circuits. I’ve got mixed feelings about races inEurope, and given the number of French and English drivers in the field those countries would seem to make more sense to me, but I understand what the reality of the series is.

Dallara Automobili uses Mugello to shake down its cars, and Dallara has made a massive financial commitment to the Indycar series. Fiat has been rumored to be interested joining the series, so if there’s a financial reward for the series going to Europe I’d be happy to see it, Italy wouldn’t be my first choice, and I’d think it would make sense to have two races in Europe so that the costs could be cut down for promoters and maybe this is the first step to getting there.

Bottom line is I want more Indycar racing, even if I have to wake up early in the morning to see it.

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