Cromax Pro paint scheme posted by Lionel NASCAR Collectibles recently. (Lionel)

Jeff Gordon Sporting Old Colors

As many fans now know, Dupont has come under new ownership and now has a new name. The Carlyle Group bought the painting company and the company is now named Axalta Coating Systems. So how will the No. 24 chevrolet look in 2013 without Dupont on the hood anymore?

As part of the new ownerships announcement, Jeff Gordon will sponsor specific paint brands rather than Axalta Coating Systems the first part of the 2013 season. Pant brands could include Cromax Pro, Imron, Standox, and more.

Lionel, makers of NASCAR die-cast cars, recently gave fans a sneak peek into what Jeff Gordon’s car may look like without Dupont. On Lionel’s website, Jeff Gordon’s scheme is almost identical to his 2011 Dupont paint scheme. Only this time it has Cromax Pro as the primary sponsor.

Cromax Pro should be the first of many different paint brands to appear on the car this season but Axalta Coating Systems is scheduled to appear as the primary sponsor later in 2013. This is no word on when Axalta will exactly appear on the race track and that paint scheme has not been released to the public.

The Cromax Pro scheme is scheduled to run at Texas Motor Speedway on April 13th. Axalta Coating Systems, formally Dupont, will sponsor Jeff Gordon 14 times in 2013.


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