Ryan Villopoto during practice for the 12th event of the 2013 AMA Supercross season that took place at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada. Credit: Supercross.com

Ryan Villopoto Fights Past Davi Millsaps For Toronto Win

AMA Supercross hit the dirt for the 12th time this weekend taking on Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada. Ryan Villopoto came into the race as the points leader over Davi Millsaps and Ryan Dungey. As fate would have it, those same three names found themselves battling each other for the victory.

Phil Nicoletti got the hole shot in Heat 1 but quickly lost the lead to James Stewart who never looked back scoring his 7th heat race win of 2013. Stewart, Dungey, Brayton, Short, Tickle, Nicoletti, Peick, Kiniry and Blose were the 9 drivers that finished in the transfer spots. Mike Alessi, who is the king of starts it seems got the hole shot for Heat 2 before 2x defending champion Ryan Villopoto drove off with the lead. The 9 drivers to finish in the transfer spots were Villopoto, Barcia, Millsaps, Weimer, Reed, Alessi, Goerke, Hill and Lamay. Ronnie Stewart pulled off the hole shot in the LCQ but failed to transfer to the main event finishing 3rd. Les Smith and Justin Sipes were the top two in the race.

The main event kicked off with some seriously intense racing. Chad Reed who is having surgery later this week took the hole shot but had the lead taken away by Davi Millsaps soon after. For the next 10 laps, Millsaps and Villopoto were in an epic battle for the top spot that resulted in contact and multiple close calls. With Ryan Dungey closing in, Villopoto muscled his way past Davi and proceeded to pull away. Dungey then went after 2nd spot but stalled his bike costing him precious seconds and a shot at the win.

Ryan Villopoto went on to win his 7th race of 2013 and the 31st of his career by 3.5 seconds over Millsaps extending his points lead to 12. Ryan Dungey finished 3rd and is 22pts back of the leader. The final results were:

1 Ryan Villopoto #1
2 David Millsaps #18
3  Ryan Dungey #5
4  Chad Reed #22
5  Justin Barcia  #51
6  Jake Weimer #12
7 James Stewart  #7
8  Broc Tickle  #20
9 Andrew Short  #29
10  Matthew Goerke #62
11  Justin Brayton #10
12  Phillip Nicoletti #49
13  Joshua Hill #75
14  Ben Lamay #57
15 Robert Kiniry #39
16 Chris Blose #84
17 Justin Sipes #64
18 Weston Peick #46
19 Les Smith #54
20 Mike Alessi #800

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