March 23, 2013; Fontana, CA, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Joey Logano (22) speaks with a crew member during practice for the Auto Club 400 at Auto Club Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Is Joey Logano NASCAR's New Bad Guy?

I can guarantee that four years ago if you asked a fan who was going to be one of NASCAR’s “bad guys,” I bet almost no one would have chosen Joey Logano. It might seem like an overstatement but after his comment on the wreck saying Denny Hamlin “deserved it”, Joey is not taking anything from anybody. His racing style wasn’t that clean either as he blocked almost everyone that tried to pass him. So is Joey Logano becoming NASCAR’s bad boy?

This isn’t the first time Joey Logano has been apart of a rivalry. At Pocono in 2010, Joey Logano got a into a wreck with Kevin Harvick. Joey said after the race that Harvick’s wife wears the fire suit in the family.

Joey is becoming a very aggressive racer as well. On the restart as we all know by now Joey blocked Tony Stewart all the way to the grass. He also blocked Hamlin while they were fighting for the win.

I think he is racing so aggressive because when he first came up he was suppose to be a superstar. Now after four years of racing he only has two wins and one of them was rain shortened. So I think Logano is trying to win as much as he can so he can prove himself that he deserves to be in the Sprint Cup Series.

Being the bad guy in NASCAR has one problem though. You have to be able to back up what you do and say on the track. Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Kyle Busch are good examples. Sometimes though being the bad guy and being hated can be a good thing for a driver. Kyle Busch thrived on that kind of stuff and he wins in almost anything he races in.

Whether or not Joey Logano wants the role of the bad guy in NASCAR or not, it is seeming like he is getting the role. Either Joey is going to have to lay off the aggressive driving or he is going to be an unpopular guy.

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  • Nick DeGroot

    Joey is becoming NASCAR’s newest bad boy but he got here in a different way than most. The Busch’s became bad boys because of their tempers, Earnhardt because of the way he raced but Logano has gotten here because he has been picked & he has stood up for himself. He is the guy everybody has been pushing around & Joey has decided to push back…in this situation with his comments & Denny getting injured, he dug himself a real hole. Most of the fans are against him now except for a few.

  • Melinda Norris

    I’m sorry Denny got hurt in the accident but Joey has all rights to block for the lead and stand up for himself after years in Cup getting picked on and ridiculed. This from a Smoke fan. Smoke would have blocked too and anyone that says different hasn’t been watching Nascar. As far as Denny, I believe he wrecked Joey the race before so take what you dish out and stop crying about it. There will always be people who hate on a driver. I say bravo Joey for FINALLY standing up for yourself!!

  • Jed Clampett

    What a load of cow pie.
    Joey’s just trying to win races.
    Media nonsense.
    When the other drivers start racing Joey instead of trying to wreck him out,this will all blow over.
    Stop the nonsense Joey-win some races.
    Then let the haters eat their words.