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Jeremy Mayfield Fails to Invalidate Search Warrant

North Carolina Superior Court Judge Richard Boner has denied to drop more criminal charges against ex-NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield. Mayfield tried to get the search warrant used that found stolen goods at his house dropped but was denied.

As we all know by now Jeremy Mayfield was suspended by NASCAR in May of 2009 for testing positive for meth. Although Mayfield still denies the claim saying medication was the cause of the drug failure. During the search police did at Mayfield house, they found meth, stolen items and was also charged with larceny and one charge of obtaining property under false pretense. They also found property that was reported stolen from Red Bull Racing and Fitz Motorsports.

So now Mayfield is facing five felony charges in Catawba County, North Carolina and if he is convicted of all of the charges it is possible Mayfield could spend more than 25 years in prison.

The confidential informant for the search warrant that lead to the findings of the Red Bull Racing and Fitz Motorsports property was John Franklin but he was killed in a police chase in September which caused ten charges to be dropped against Mayfield.

Judge Boner had to say this about the search warrant according to Sporting News:

“The application submitted for the search warrant is sufficient to establish probable cause,”

So it doesn’t look to good right now for Jeremy Mayfield because if Judge Boner decided to overturn the search warrant then almost all criminal charges would have been dropped. Mayfields attorney David Freedman said he is going to take this to trial and said that Franklin was not a good informant because of the bad history he himself had. Freedman said :

This case was premised upon Mr. Franklin, … someone who has a very extensive record.

So there might be some hope for Mayfield to win this trial and it should be very interesting to see what happens. My guess is its going to be a very long trial and could take a lot of time. Mayfield has stated in the past that he wants to get back in NASCAR but now he is 43 and even if he wins the trial it is going to be impossible for him to find a ride.

Jeremy Mayfield also sued NASCAR to try to get reinstated and said that NASCAR worked with authorities to press criminal charges against him but he was unsuccessful in doing so.



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