Jimmie Johnson, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Ricky Stenhouse, and Danica Patrick Reveal iPhone Screens

I’m not sure if I am more shocked that I read this to begin with or actually writing on it…however, I am writing on it. NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., and Danica Patrick along with IndyCar’s reigning champion, Ryan Hunter-Reay, have decided to reveal their iPhone screens to fans. Men’s Health went around asking celebrities to share their screens and auto racing gets to see these four screens from their favorite drivers.

Jimmie Johnson’s iPhone screen from MensHealth.com

Jimmie Johnson

Johnson’s phone has a lot of social media apps. Johnson despite taking a lot of hate from non-fans loves to interact on and use social media. It gives Johnson a chance to share his personal life with his fans and see a side of him that some may not see on Sunday’s. He also has quite the selection of photography apps.

His next big section is fitness applications that help him train and stay in shape.

The best application on his phone may be his favorite game on his phone as well: Dora Ballet!

Ryan Hunder-Reay iPhone screenshot courtesy of MensHealth.com

Ryan Hunter-Reay

The reigning IndyCar champion is the only IndyCar driver on this list. Hunter-Reay needs to check his messages and emails!

The largest collection of apps seems to be his travel apps. Including airlines and travel agencies, it’s important for any race car driver to be prepared when traveling.

Another important thing for racers to keep their eyes on…the weather. He has eight apps to keep a check on the weather condition at the track.

He loves music too apparently. Ryan has quite a decent selection of music applications to choose from!

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

The two-time and reigning NASCAR Nationwide Series champion has the best collection of apps and the best background!

He has his Bible which is important to him as Christian. He studies each week at the track with fellow drivers and keeps the Holy Word.

Stenhouse says he loves word games, but needs to do better at spelling those words.

He has a decent selection of social media apps. He loves to keep in touch with fans and give them a different view of him as a person.

Like his girlfriend, Danica Patrick, he loves sports and has a good choice of apps to keep up to date with the latest sports news.

The best part of his screen…the background. You can say she sucks at racing, but you can’t say she isn’t beautiful!

Danica Patrick’s iPhone screen from menshealth.com

Danica Patrick

Danica, like her boyfriend uses a picture she cherishes as her background. Like her boyfriend, she also has a profound love for sports and has a great collection of apps to keep up with them. As a Chicago Bears fans, I don’t know if she really wants to read their scores!

Any fan that knows Danica, knows she loves food. She keeps up with restaurants and food with two simple apps: Yelp and ZAGAT.

Patrick also loves to read up on news and find interesting things on Pinterest.

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