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Hendrick Motorsports Releases Statement After MIT Shooting

The Boston Marathon bombings have been tough for the whole nation to understand this week. Last night’s shootings and death of Sean Collier makes it more real. Sean Collier’s death has hit the NASCAR community in-particular. 

An employee of Hendrick Motorsports, Andrew Collier, is brother of Sean Collier. Sean Collier was shot and killed Thursday night at MIT after law enforcement chased and fired on the suspected brothers who were behind the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Andrew Collier joined Hendrick Motorsports in 2008 and is a machinist in the engine department.

The following statement was released by Hendrick Motorsports on the official website Friday:

The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Hendrick Motorsports are with Andrew Collier and his family. Andrew, a machinist in the Hendrick Motorsports engine department, tragically lost his brother, Officer Sean Collier, last night in Cambridge, Mass. We ask that the family’s privacy be considered during this difficult time.

Andrew, 25, joined Hendrick Motorsports in September 2008.

The NASCAR community is known for coming together and being a very supportive family, this situation is no exception. Teams and fans, alike, do all they can to support one another. How can you help right now, call 1-800-CALL-FBI with any leads you may have on the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombing.

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