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Tony Stewart Returns to Talladega

Well last season, some of the highlights were all about Tony Stewart and his interesting choice of words after races. They came back and some six months to a full-year later…are biting him in the rear!

It was one year ago where Smoke claimed that drivers hadn’t crashed enough cars that weekend and then proceeded to say NASCAR should build a figure eight course in the infield of the track for them to race on since it wasn’t dangerous enough apparently.

Of course these comments were all Smoke being Smoke. For those who don’t know, he has a dry sense of humor that is very sarcastic. But it’s how he raced at the same track months later that made fans begin to question Smoke’s own comments.

After criticizing drivers for blocking and racing dangerously and causing unnecessary wrecks, he then arrived at Talladega where he put a block on Michael Waltrip and created a twenty-five car pile up behind them.

Since that accident he still continues to create controversy by calling out drivers for how they are driving, meanwhile apparently not racing clean and respectful himself (according to some fans that is!)

So which Stewart will show up this weekend? Hopefully a focused Stewart, because he is far behind where he needs to be if he wants to contend for another championship.

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