NASCAR Driver Mike Harmon Arrested

Jennifer Jo Cobb’s CWTS hauler is stolen in the middle of the night by NASCAR driver Mike Harmon. Credit: WBTV3

17 year NASCAR veteran Mike Harmon is being accused of stealing a Camping World Truck Series transporter owned by Jennifer Jo Cobb. Harmon was arrested earlier today and released on a $10,000 bond. He has been charged with breaking and entering and felony larceny. Mike apparently had an accomplice as well by the name of Sheila Rae Rice who was also arrested and released. Harmon has worked with Cobb in the past acting as the team manager for her Nationwide team. As a driver, Mike Harmon has 153 NNS starts with a best finish of 17th and 39 CWTS starts posting a best result of 15th. He has also competed in other NASCAR sanctioned divisions and has made 121 starts in ARCA with a career best finish of 4th.

Jennifer Jo Cobb Statement

“It is my sole concern to get the transporter back so that we can make Friday night’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. We are working with other teams right now to borrow the necessary items in the event our hauler and its contents are not returned. We are pleased with the diligent work that the Rowan County Sheriff’s Department has shown in solving this crime.”

Mark Harmon Pleads Innocent On Twitter

“I want it known that I have never stolen so much as a piece of bubble gum in my life. I did not take JJC hauler, there is no video of me any where near her shop. Today she was the windshield & I was the bug, but when we get in FEDERAL court in a couple wks there’s a boulder coming.” 


It is unclear as to what the motivation was to steal the hauler which by the way, has yet to be recovered.  The value of the hauler and whatever was inside it is valued to be worth near $300,000. Here is a link to a short video of the truck being driven away in the dead of night and if you look carefully, you can see a cord that was plugged into something get pulled out as the semi was being driven away.

Mike Harmon talked to a reporter from WBTV soon after being released from jail last night; see the interview here:


Cobb posted this short message on Facebook today: “Very important clarification: I have not accused or alleged any person in this crime. Arrests have been made based on evidence and eye witness accounts. Now… Lets go racing!” The two are both entered in the Camping World Truck race this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway. From what I’ve been hearing, there was a dispute over possession of the transporter and that is most likely what led Harmon to take it. You can follow me on Twitter at @ndegroot89 for more updates as this story unfolds or continuously check this article

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