Problems With Pirelli

It is hard to believe that Pirelli boss, Paul Hembery has declared that Pirelli’s decision to change the specifications of its Formula 1 tyres mid-season, will have no effect on the world championships.

A man of his status must know how much planning and preparation goes into building a Formula 1 car and the rigorous testing that follows soon after.

Before the current season had begun, Formula 1 teams had meticulously developed a car around the specifications they were given (both before and after pre-season testing); among these specifications handed to them were the different tyre compounds Pirelli would be providing teams for the 2013 season.

Teams have developed their cars around these compounds so it is no surprise that some team principals have slammed Pirelli for their actions. The amount of time, effort and money that will now have to be spent to re-develop their cars to suit the new tyre specifications will be enormous.

Some teams have already achieved far superior results on the current tyres and, leaving the car’s mechanics aside, some drivers have been far more adaptable to the tyre compounds on offer this year. It is not surprising that some of those who have achieved a greatly superior result so far this season will be feeling appropriately burnt by Pirelli.

The teams that have been successful in designing the best possible race car for this season will now have the unfortunate task of heading back to the drawing board. And for the second time this season, they will also have the weight of uncertainty fall upon them in regards to how their car compares to their closest rivals on all new tyre compounds when the cars line up once again at the 2013 Canadian Grand Prix.

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