Driving For Peace In Jerusalem

Jerusalem has a long history of conflict; conflict that still continues even to this day. It is a divided city and as such it is no surprise it has seen its fair share of animosity between its segregated citizens.

When peace and modern Jerusalem are spoken of in the same sentence, it is usually when someone is speaking of currently undergoing peace talks or a dream of a peaceful place to live that has yet to be realized.

However, this was not the case on the weekend just passed.

Thousands of spectators, which included both Israelis and Palestinians, came to see a sight that has never been seen in the ancient city – a Formula 1 race car driving through its roads.

The Ferrari F60, driven by former Ferrari driver Giancarlo Fisichella, screamed its way around the Old City walls as nearly 60,000 spectators looked on together in amazement.

While hundreds of police were brought in to stand guard over Israel’s first Jerusalem F1 Peace Roadshow, the audience was captivated by the beauty and sound of the ‘prancing horse’.

Let’s hope this is a first of many events that bring together the divided peoples of Jerusalem, so in the near future their dreams of a peaceful co-habitation may be realized.

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