Jun 2, 2013; Dover, DE, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Kyle Busch (18) leads a pack of cars during the FedEx 400 Benefiting Autism Speaks at Dover International Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Matthew O

Is NASCAR Over Exposed?

COMMENTARY : With the internet, social networks and Television, it seems that NASCAR is everywhere you go if you are a fan. With all of these ways to hear and watch NASCAR, is it overexposing and hurting the sport?

Back in the day, there was only one NASCAR related show on television and that was the race and sometimes that was not even shown (If you want to go back to the 1970s and 1980s). Now on television alone there is practice, qualifying, final practice, then the race. Then you also have Nationwide and Trucks on and there practice and qualifying are also shown. Rarely but sometimes in between that SPEED will show a modified race or a K & N race. By the time Sunday comes around and it is time for the race, you have been so exposed to NASCAR that it sort of kills all of the interest and hype.

Maybe if they only showed the races for the top three series and not all of the activities before fans would be more interested in watching the full race and the ratings may go up. The more people are exposed to something the faster they are going to become less interested and they are going to tune into something else.

Maybe if NASCAR and television stations decided to stop showing so much coverage, people might be more interested in watching the race and the ratings would go up. Its just a theory but, it could very well be the key to increase ratings.

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