Red Bull Rebellion - 'Testgate' Continues

Red Bull could soon lead a rebellion of Formula 1 teams as a direct result of the FIA’s lenient penalty against Mercedes.

This comes just days after Red Bull team principle, Christian Horner, told the press that he and Red Bull Racing were unsatisfied with the FIA’s decision but had ultimately accepted it.

It would seem their patience has ran dry as it has been claimed that Red Bull are now preparing to defy FIA regulations.

Red Bull is joined by many teams, including Ferrari, in feeling utterly disappointed that Mercedes has escaped with penalties of such little consequence.

As such, Red Bull is paving the way for other teams to follow them, by preparing to stage their own illegal testing session.

If Red Bull are to truly do this then it would not be surprising that the reason they are doing so is based on the assumption that they will be handed the same penalty as Mercedes.

However, before they act rashly, they might also wish to consider that the case Mercedes brought to the tribunal was not of outright defiance (whether or not this is the truth or not we will never know).

On the contrary, Mercedes stated to the FIA tribunal that they had direct authorization from FIA Race Director, Charlie Whiting, for them to go testing.

Red Bull do not have such authorization, whether it be adequate or not as was the case with Mercedes.

If Red Bull act against FIA regulations in defiance, I believe that a heavier punishment lays in wake for them.

Though their anger is high now, they must realize that they have much to lose if they openly defy the FIA.

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