Hamilton's Puncture Saves Mercedes From Further Scrutiny

Pirelli made a step forward this weekend just gone in rectifying their tyre issues; even though the changes they made were not realized due to them not being allowed to change the tyre’s steel belt to a Kevlar one.

Before the race had begun, Mercedes had managed to lock out the front row at Silverstone like they had done at Monaco.

Mercedes managed to win Monaco and they were also present on the front row in Canada.

Amid the scandal that is ‘Testgate’, these results were not helping Mercedes’ case regrading whether or not the illegal testing had significantly benefited them.

The other teams were no doubt thinking it had.

As we now know, Silverstone was won by a Silver Arrow and given Hamilton’s fourth place recovery after an earlier tyre puncture, we might have seen a Mercedes one two finish.

If this had come to be, the other teams would have been furious as they are already not impressed with the ‘lenient’ decision the FIA has made regarding the illegal Mercedes test.

If it had been the case that other teams were facing extreme tyre wear and blowouts whilst Mercedes had been able to cruise home easily with the two top steps on the podium, there would have been no doubt that the illegal tyre test had significantly benefited Mercedes.

However, not only did a Mercedes tyre severely puncture, it was the first to do so.

Whilst Rosberg took the win, Hamilton’s blown tyre has saved Mercedes the wrath of the teams such as Red Bull and Ferrari.

Both would have been more than pleased to make a formal complaint to the FIA if Mercedes had managed to come out of the race unscathed.

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