Striking Silver Arrow Sets New Record

Until recently, the highest amount paid for any car was a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. That car went for $16.7m at auction, however, this record has now been recently surpassed.

Earlier this year, a 1954 Mercedes W196 was found abandoned in a warehouse. This original Silver Arrow was driven by racing legend Juan Manuel Fangio and helped him secure the 1954 German and Swiss grands prix.

The archaic race car also helped Fangio win his second of the five world championships he would win over his stellar career.

When the hammer went down at the Goodwood Festival of Speed auction, the car was sold for close to $30m.

Its expected price was only $8m.

The car is still as it was over 60 years ago, with all its racing scars still intact.

Some have said that it should be restored but many have agreed that it is glorious just the way it is.

Doug Nye is one of those who believe the car should be untouched, the racing historian speaking to Eurosport had this to say.

Some people think it looks grotty – that’s not the point – the really rare cars today are the unrestored ones. Every car that’s restored has lost a part of its history because it’s been obliterated by repainting or by rebuilding. Nothing’s been obliterated on this; it’s just a beautiful survivor.”

This racing legend had been able to remain hidden for so long, yet now (scars included) this historic Silver Arrow’s beauty can be seen by all.

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