Raikkonen Vs. Ricciardo - Which Will Claim The Vacant Red Bull Seat?

With the Formula 1 summer break fast approaching, many are certain that by its end, a new Red Bull driver would have been announced.

Formula 1 headlines have been quick to relieve themselves of the tyre testing scandal that was ‘Testgate’ and move on to far brighter avenues.

The young driver test last week for instance, allowed a reprieve from the controversy and more of a focus on up and coming talent.

The shadow of Testgate continued to loom over the weekends proceedings of course, given that many current Formula 1 drivers were allowed to take part because of it.

Though this was the case, many ignored it and instead carried on with rigorous testing on all new Pirelli rubber.

Though it was only weeks earlier that Pirelli were the subject of much scrutiny and attention, and it would be the Young Driver’s Test that would showcase their rectified tyres, Red Bull manged to steal the limelight.

Dropping its current driver, Mark Webber, from the testing in favour of Toro Rosso driver Daniel Ricciardo to take his place, caught the attentions of the sport’s commentators.

As Webber will be retiring from Formula 1 at the end of the season, the fight for his seat in the championship team has been declared a two man battle.

Kimi Raikkonen on one side and Ricciardo on the other.

Raikkonen’s contract expires at the end of this season and he has been a prime candidate for the Red Bull seat long before Webber announced his departure.

A safe bet would therefore be on Raikkonen over Ricciardo.

However, Ricciardo impressed Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, during the mid season test when he drove the RB9 and once again the young Australian has managed to get his mid fielded car into Q3 this weekend.

Ricciardo has proven his fast, he can now use today’s race to prove that he can race.

A good solid points finish will definitely help the Toro Rosso driver’s case that he has what it takes to step into his team’s mighty sister.

Raikkonen on the other hand, has no need to prove himself as his record speaks for itself.

However, even though the Red Bull seat seems it’s Raikkonen’s for the taking if he so desires it, the Fin’s current team, Lotus are once again title contenders this year, more so than last.

The Ice Man has to tread lightly over the decision of whether he will stay at Lotus or go to Red Bull.

If Lotus’ success continues, Raikkonen may give away a second Driver’s World Championship to his replacement if he decides to leave.



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