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Humpy Wheeler Says What's Wrong With NASCAR

Probably the greatest promoter NASCAR has ever seen has given his opinion on NASCAR today and most fans agree with him. He has said that NASCAR has gotten to “fancy: and left its fans behind.

Former president and General Manager of Lowes Motor Speedway, Humpy Wheeler posted a video last Sunday titled “Whats Wrong With NASCAR”. The video is about 18 minutes long and Humpy gives his honest opinion on the sport today. He says that Dale Earnhardt’s death was a big factor in what changed the sport. Earnahrdt was the last driver to be a “mechanic” was the word that he used. Today, he says that there are no more drivers like that at the top-level. He also notes that Clint Bowyer was one but once he got to NASCAR got softened up to please the corporate people. Humpy says that NASCAR needs drivers with lots of personality like Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty. He says that corporations have made it so drivers can not have a lot of personality anymore.

He also mentions how today, we do not have the best drivers out there because the sport has become to expensive. He says he talked to AJ Foyt and Foyt said that he would not have been able to pursue a racing career if he was 19 today because he wouldn’t have the money.

It’s great to see a man who has so much respect in the NASCAR world voice his true opinion on the sport. Maybe since he is so well respected NASCAR will wake up and realize that they have made some bad mistakes and fix them to make the sport great again.

This article only touches base with what Hump Wheeler said. To watch Hump Wheeler preach the whole truth click here

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