Ricciardo Bound For Red Bull

Reports have surfaced in a German sport magazine, that Daniel Ricciardo will replace his fellow Australian at Red Bull Racing next year.

Since Mark Webber announced his retirement it has been assumed that there were only two candidates to take his seat; Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo.

Whilst Raikkonen was the favoured choice Ricciardo has shown an increase in race pace and also quick qualifying laps that have seen him continuously start in the top ten in the last few races.

However, even when Ricciardo was given a chance to drive a Red Bull at the Young Drivers Test earlier last month so the team could evaluate him further, Raikkonen was still the obvious option to replace Webber.

Regardless of Raikkonen’s superior driving capabilities over Ricciardo, the Australian may have won the seat.

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has said that Red Bull won’t say anything before Spa about whether or not Ricciardo definitely has the second Red Bull seat.  Yet, Marko’s ambiguous answer might be enough for us to be certain that Ricciardo is the victor.

Yet, if Ricciardo has indeed been chosen to race for the World Championship team, many will still ask why not Raikkonen?

It seemed that the Finn had the seat and it was up to him to take it or not. But this might not be case as most of us first thought.

It’s true that Raikkonen’s race record speaks for itself and his current race pace proves he hasn’t lost any of the talent that made it possible for him to win the 2007 Drivers World Championship. Therefore, he would not only be able to score major points for Red Bull but he would also be a formidable rival to Sebastian Vettel.

Marko has promised an announcement by this weekend, so maybe we will hear why Raikkonen wasn’t chosen if that is indeed the case. Whatever the decision, whether it be Ricciardo or Raikkonen who take the soon to be vacant Red Bull seat, I’m looking forward to hear it.

Either way, the decision will definitely be a major game changer.

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