Massa's Experience Invaluable

In the aftermath of Felipe Massa’s departure from Ferrari and subsequently, Kimi Raikkonen’s return to the team, the time has come to speculate on the fate of Massa’s Formula 1 career.

Massa SchumacherThough there has been more media buzz surrounding the rehiring of Raikkonen, it should not be forgotten that Massa is now a free agent.

Yet unlike many drivers who find themselves with no race seat for the following year, Massa has much to offer any team who will be willing to give the Brazilian a drive.

In fact, I would be surprised if he even has to search for potential race seats as I’m sure many teams would now be fighting to employ the Brazilian.

It is easy to point out his flaws and weaknesses that have unfortunately surfaced in this and also previous seasons.

Yet, these last three years should not completely tarnish a racing career that has stretched beyond a decade; a career that has seen 15 pole positions, 36 podiums, and 11 race wins.

Massa RaikkonenHowever, it’s not his racing experience (though it would definitely remain a huge factor regardless) that other teams will want him for.

Massa has been employed by Ferrari for eight seasons, and in those seasons he has partnered Michael Schumacher, Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso; all three world champions.

Massa himself almost won the 2008 Drivers’ Championship but finished second.

Not only has he been able to witness how three world champions plan and execute their race weekends time and time again, he has also experienced the methods, procedures and daily goings-on of one of Formula 1’s most elite teams, Scuderia Ferrari.

Massa AlonsoMassa is therefore not like any other driver, he is unique in a very positive way and should be considered the hottest property in Fomula 1 at this current time.

It would be an outright shame if one of Formula 1’s greatest personalities was left by the side because the powers that be have judged him on the last few seasons which only make up a small percentage of an outright spectacular career.

Massa might not be able to claim the now vacant Lotus seat left by Raikkonen, yet a mid-field team should be more than happy to employ a driver whose experience is priceless in the world of Formula 1.

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