Alonso's Relentless Pursuit

With only seven races left in this years Formula 1 World Championship, there is a maximum of 175 points still on offer.

Sebastian Vettel leads the championship with 222 points to his name with his closest opponent, Fernando Alonso, sitting on 169.

Though Vettel seems to be utterly dominating the championship, it is remarkable to find that nine drivers still have a mathematical chance at winning the Drivers’ Championship.


Current Points


Sebastian Vettel


Fernando Alonso



Lewis Hamilton



Kimi Raikkonen



Mark Webber



Nico Rosberg



Felipe Massa



Romain Grosjean



Jenson Button



Realistically, however, Alonso is the only threat to Vettel claiming his fourth straight Driver’s Championship as Lewis Hamilton (currently sitting 3rd) sits over the equivalent of three race wins behind Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen is a further seven points behind him.

Vet Alo MonzaBut is Alonso really that much of a threat to Vettel?

If Vettel wishes to comfortably keep hold of his present status of ‘World Champion’, then he will want to win at least four out of the seven remaining races and furthermore, keep Alonso behind him as much as possible.

Also, as we have seen before, regardless of whether or not his car is capable of winning, Alonso will squeeze out every bit of potential his Ferrari has in an effort to claim victory.

And although Vettel has proven himself time and time again, and his and his car’s consistency have allowed Red Bull to constantly stretch out their overall lead, Alonso has not wavered in his pursuit.

Therefore, Alonso is indeed a threat to Vettel’s championship hopes.

If Vettel is winning races he will obviously claim the championship once again, but the wins won’t come easy. Especially when the fiery Spaniard that is Alonso, is running hot on his heels.

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