Fernando Alonso gives his old friend and rival, Mark Webber, a lift back to the pits after the latter's car's engine caught fire.

A Red Bull Ignites As The Other Takes Flight

Sebastian Vettel has shown that his Red Bull is by far the quickest car on the track yet again, by utterly dominating the Singaporean Grand Prix from start to finish.

The three time World Champion finished over thirty seconds ahead of second place getter, Fernando Alonso; the young German further extending his lead in the current championship and coming much closer to clinching his fourth straight Drivers’ World Championship.

Yet, Vettel’s team mate, Mark Webber, wasn’t so lucky.

Mark Webber's Red Bull's engine engulfed in flame.

Mark Webber’s Red Bull’s engine engulfed in flame.

A podium seemed to be possible for the soon to be retiring Australian, yet a drop in water pressure on the last lap of the race, saw the second Red Bull retire.

Flames enveloped Webber’s engine as he was left by the side to watch on as Vettel made his way around the Marina Bay circuit one last time to wave at and take in the Formula 1 loving Singaporean crowd.

However, whilst the race winner drove by, Webber’s old pal, Alonso, was courteous enough to stop and offer his fallen comrade a lift.

As Webber leant casually on the side of Alonso’s Ferrari, the crowd loudly cheered the pair on as they made their way slowly around the track and back to the pits; the scene reminiscent of Nigel Mansell giving Ayrton Senna a lift after his McLaren ran out of fuel at the conclusion of the 1991 British Grand Prix.

Michael Schumacher also extended a helping hand to Jean Alesi after Alesi’s car had also ran out of fuel after he had won his first ever Formula 1 race at the 1995 Canadian Grand Prix.

It is rare to see such genuine sportsmanship across all types of sport, and even rarer still to see such respect among rivals. It is something that I wish I saw more often.

As it so happens, Alonso was returning his friend the favour. Alonso hitched a ride on Webber’s Red Bull after the German Grand Prix had concluded in 2011, when Alonso was also left stranded by the side of the track.

No reprimands were given then or in any of the scenarios above, but unfortunately, both Webber and Alonso have been punished for their actions this time around.

Regardless of the punishments they will receive at the present time, with Webber retiring in six races, it will be sad to see the end of his and Alonso’s professional friendship and rivalry. It is one that has proven to be enjoyable to watch time and time again over the last decade.

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