Mark Webber's Red Bull catches aflame once again.

A Red Bull Ignites As The Other Takes Flight: Part 2

The Korean Grand Prix at first seemed to be yet another two hours of unexciting racing, yet in true Formula 1 style one tyre puncture set off a chain of memorable events.

Sebastian Vettel led from pole for most of the race, but Romain Grosjean at least kept up with the triple world champion for most of the race and did not let him storm away like he did in Singapore.

Yet, despite this it seemed that Vettel would eventually take the win, and he did just this quite comfortably yet again.

Though the race wasn’t without its highlights.

Lewis Hamilton’s tyres quickly degraded in the early stages of the race and his team mate, Nico Rosberg was able to catch him at two seconds a lap because of this.

However, just as Rosberg was passing his team mate his front wing came loose and began dragging along the asphalt.

Though the dragging front win caused sparks to envelop the front of his car, he not only managed to stay ahead of Hamilton but also nurse the car back to the pits safely so he was able to continue racing.

Also, a mid race high speed puncture on Perez’s McLaren saw tyre debris fly everywhere and force a safety car on to the track.

Less than one lap after the race was restarted, the safety car was deployed once again when Adrian Sutil spun and collided with Mark Webber, causing the Red Bull to ignite into a ball of flames.

Webber managed to escape the burning wreck unscathed yet race officials and commentators were at boiling point when a fire truck emerged on to the track  without being instructed to do so.

The safety car was quickly deployed, yet by this time the pack had already caught up with the fire truck and were forced to slow down behind it.

Once the commotion died down, the fiery Red Bull extinguished and the smoke blown away, Vettel finished ahead of Kimi Raikkonen who finished second and Grosjean in a very close third.

Vettel’s dominance in Korea has all but confirmed my suspicions that the other teams have hung up their racing helmets so to speak in this current season.

2014 brings a whole new set of regulations with it and it has been no secret that many of the teams have already began primarily focusing on next years car.

Ferrari and Fernando Alonso were Vettel’s main rivals before the race had begun. But the lack of race pace from the Ferrari in Korea has virtually ruled out Alonso as a contender to the title.

Red Bull are now virtually untouchable and no doubt the rest of the teams know this. In short, they believe there is no point wasting time on their current car when Red Bull remain so dominant.

Vettel now has the chance to take this years title in the next race, which is held at Suzuka, if Alonso does not finish in the points and he wins the race.


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