Rush - A Film Not Just About Formula 1

Rush may be a movie about Formula 1 but it is also a well paced and brilliantly directed and acted film that anyone can enjoy as well.

Rush 1The film focuses on the rivalry between Austrian driver Niki Lauda and the Bristish driver James Hunt as they face off against one another in the 1976 world championship.

It showcases some of the great races from that era and does a good job of making you experience what it must feel like driving a Formula 1 car.

Though Rush does at times take liberties with factual events, the film does stick very close to reality for the most part.

Because of this we are able to accurately observe the lives of two extremely different individuals.

James Hunt is the playboy, socially likeable driver who, realistically, doesn’t look after himself all to well. Niki Lauda on the other hand is the complete professional in his driving but lacks the social capabilities that his British rival holds.

However, both are remarkable drivers who are able to showcase their individual talents from completely different viewpoints.

Though many will be turned away from this film due to its subject matter, it should be stated that Rush is not a movie only for Formula 1 fans and petrol heads in general (though I predict racing fans will definitely find Rush to be enjoyable).

In fact, I highly recommend this film to anyone as the racing content, though a major part of the film, is more than anything, a means to tell a terrific and exciting story.

A link to the Official Theatrical Trailer for Rush is below:


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