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Mar 17, 2013; Bristol, TN, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Danica Patrick (left) autographs a football for Tennessee Volunteers head football coach Butch Jones before the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

10 Reasons Why NASCAR Is Better Than Football

It is that time of year where two of America’s favorite sports compete for TV ratings. Whether it’s college or professional, football has always been America’s most popular fall sport and with the climax of the NASCAR season coming right as it’s kicking off. Many sports fans have to choose which sport they want to tune in to on any given weekend. I took to Twitter to find out just why race fans thought you should choose NASCAR over football.

  1.  Football only gives you 2 teams to cheer for on game day… NASCAR gives you 43!
  2. Race fans have more access to the “players” during a NASCAR race than football fans have during a football game.
  3. There are fewer injuries in racing each year than in football.
  4. How often can you watch your favorite football team practice on TV? Yeah…that’s what I though.
  5. NASCAR could really be considered more competitive. You race against all your competitors at once versus playing one team at a time.
  6. There are no time-outs in racing to regroup. Decisions are made in real-time out on the racetrack.
  7. Can you listen in to the team communications during a football game? I didn’t think so. Racing allows you to tune in to your favorite drivers radio to hear exactly what decisions they are making and when.
  8. NASCAR puts men and women on equal turf with the same rules and regulations. Football is a man’s world out on the field.
  9. NASCAR races essentially last an entire weekend whereas game day is only a few hours.
  10. NASCAR has a very strong relationship with our Nation’s military with a flyover after the National Anthem. While all sports essentially incorporate some aspect of the military, NASCAR really takes it to the next level.


So, although some may not wholeheartedly agree, NASCAR and football can really go head-to-head any given weekend and put on a pretty good battle. Whether you are a fan of one or the other, or even both, each sport is great in its own right. And just as NASCAR is finishing out its season, football is heating up so you are never really without a great sport to watch on the weekend. But frankly, and this is just my opinion, NASCAR is better than football.

Note: NASCAR and college football will collide in 2016 when Virginia Tech and Tennessee play at Bristol Motor Speedway.

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