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Can Anyone Take down The Kid?


Danni Pedrosa takes another victory from the kid (Marq Marquez) winning at the Malaysian Grand Prix. With Marq Marquez riding like a madman in his debut season it is going to take a miracle for anyone else to win the championship. With a 43 point spread between Marquez and Lorenzo and yet another 11 points to Pedrosa, there will need to be great success on the later two and some miss fortune on the Marquez front.

There are only three races left in the season and that means there are 75 points up for grabs. The last three races are always a shoot out and you will see where the best shine. Marquez has looked flawless this season but if a rookie is going to fall apart somewhere it will be in the push to the end.

With all the injuries seemingly all healed up it will make for some very competitive racing at the tail end of the season.  Lorenzo by the numbers still has a chance at the championship and with his almost machine like consistency he could still pull it out if the young rider slips up. Pedrosa can be so smooth and fluid when riding and being on the same machine as Marquez if he gets it together he could also make a push.

All and all the end of the season is going to be intense and there is always the wild card of Rossi coming in and mixing it up at the front. On that note congratulations to Pedrosa on a well fought battle and showing he is not out of it yet!











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