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Lorenzo Fastest By A Bird



Jorge Lorenzo ends up on top and poised to make a run for the championship. After qualifying Lorenzo ends up in the pole position with a lap time of 1’27.899 despite dragging an unsuspecting seagull with him. With Marquez in the second position and Rossi just behind in third this is exactly what Lorenzo needed to be able to compete for the championship.

Marquez had a minor crash in practice which cold have possibly hurt his confidence come race time. If this is the case this could be the break in the points race that is needed. If Marquez finishes with a points gap of 51  he locks up the championship. Now Rossi is running up at the front at a track he has been very successful at, he could be the one that finishes between Marquez and Lorenzo and keeping this going for another race.

Now if Marquez does manage to keep a 51 point spread from the field he at 20 years of age will have won his first championship on his first attempt. This is almost unheard of and even more so at the age of 20! In doing so he will also have earned enough points to earn the BMW M award on his first attempt.

This young man has an amazing future ahead of him. There are plenty of mixed emotions that com with his success, but it has also brought out the best in other racers creating an amazing points race. Even with all this success some still want to see him fall and watch the veterans such as Rossi, Lorenzo, and Pedrosa rise. I say lets sit back and watch this sport rise again in the next few seasons!

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