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Black Flag To The Points

What a Race! The world championship is again BLOWN out of the water! Jorge Lorenzo takes the win and Marq Marquez is black flagged. Can this season get anymore fairy tail like? So many things happened it is almost unreal.

At the begging of the race it looked to be a battle all the way through. Lorenzo, Marquez, and Pedrosa went back and forth working for position. After a few position changes they all settled in chipped away and laid down some impressive lap times. Working toward the mandatory pit stop they had settled in to Lorenzo in first, Marquez in second, and Pedrosa in third. Lorenzo and Marquez both had a bobble on track but nothing of any concern.

Now comes the pit stop! Lap nine Pedrosa decided to take his pit and was the only one putting him in good position. The very next lap both Lorenzo and Marquez had to pit. This is where the race got turned upside down. Lap ten is where everyone had to it, Lorenzo dives in for the pit and in a massive mistake Marquez stays out! No one is sure where the miss communication came from but it cost him big time.

Now a big concern of the riders was the exit of the pit which is also the entrance to turn one. This was all clean until Lorenzo came around and Marquez now out of the race (but having no knowledge of this) exited the pit. As Marquez came out Lorenzo runs into him holding his line. Nothing eventful came of this but just proved a concern of the riders.

After all this has transpired you have Lorenzo first, Pedrosa second, and Marquez third. Now no one quite knows what will happen to Marquez for breaking the rules but in the mean time Pedrosa is told to give his position to Marquez because he was caught speeding on pit road. Wow what a series of events. Pedrosa gives position only for Marquez to now get black flagged! With Marquez now out of the race that leaves the championship window wide open again.

So after a historic and monumental race Lorenzo is fully back in the points race. With the massive mistake by the Honda team leaving Marquez with zero points on the race and Lorenzo gaining full points for winning, It puts only an 18 point gap between first and second. There are two races left and it is now going to be a shoot out between not only Marquez and Lorenzo but between Honda and Yamaha. Talk about one of the most exciting races and season in recent memory! Keep it coming MotoGP!


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