Will Mark Webber Win Another Race?

Sebastian Vettel needs to only finish fifth or higher to clench his fourth straight Driver’s World Championship.

Vettel has shown time and time again that the ‘bigger picture’ isn’t always on his mind. Many times his team have told him to slow down to conserve tyres from wear in situations where he will already clearly win the race. And many times he has ignored them.

So it is safe to say that even though Red Bull will be extra conservative this coming weekend so that Vettel can safely cross the line in a position that gives  him the championship, Vettel will be wanting the win.

In fact, Vettel will be wanting to win all the remaining races. He is, after all, a racing driver and he doesn’t lack the determination to do so.

But where does this leave Vettel’s team mate, Mark Webber?

Webber is a crowd favourite and is liked immensely in the driver and team paddock.

Many will be sad to see him retire at the end of this season and many more would love to see him win one last race.

Though it is not liked and often frowned upon, teams do favour one driver over the other in times where one driver has a considerably more likely chance of winning the Driver’s World Championship.

Unfortunately for Webber, his team mate has won the last three and there is no doubt there would be some favouritisim given by the team to Vettel before the season had even begun because of this.

Yet, regarding the championship, the season could be over this Sunday.

As this is the case, Red Bull should focus their entire attention on Webber after Vettel wins the championship.

Red Bull clearly have the capabilities to give Webber the right tools for a race win. Webber himself, is also very capable of getting the job done.

A whole team collaboration from both sides of the garage would be a worthy send off and a respectable thank you to one of Formula One’s most loved personalities.

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