Webber's Swan Song

It seemed as if it were Sebastian Vettel’s destiny to equal two of Formula 1’s most prestigious winning records on the final race weekend of the season.

With only one race left in the 2013 season, Vettel would have to win the Brazilian Grand Prix to match Michael Schumacher’s record for the most victories in a single season and Alberto Ascari’s 60 year old record of nine straight wins.

Once again, Vettel managed to place his Red Bull in pole position and was therefore in a perfect position to equal the greats of the past.

He did just this, practically dominating the race from start to finish and taking his 13th win this year.

His retiring team mate, Mark Webber, also drove a superb race and finished second in front of third place finisher Fernando Alonso, taking third place in the Driver’s Championship in the process. As such, the podium also represented the season’s top three championship finishers.

Webber No HelmetThe Australian ended his career in style by removing his helmet whilst completing an extra lap of Interlagos, smiling and waving from the cockpit as he passed a sea of cheering fans.

Webber explained to Sky Sports, that his reasons behind his swan song, was that he wished for everyone watching to see the emotion he was feeling.

“In other sports you have the emotion that people can see…you can’t see what is behind the wheel until we get on the podium and you see the emotion there.” he expressed to former driver turned commentator, Martin Brundle.

“But I thought it was just nice to get rid of the helmet – which isn’t easy with all the HANS device and I thought ‘I am committed now, I better not make a meal of getting this off’ – but in the end I got there and got it down in my lap away from the wheel and it was really nice. The marshals were great, the fans were awesome and just a nice little touch at the end.”

Afterwards, Webber reflected to Sky Sports presenters that he was happy how his Formula 1 career ended.

“I am very proud to have raced with these guys in the end, I raced pretty much all four or five of them at some point in the race today – apart from Seb who was a bit down the road – but it was a good battle for all of us. It was a real pleasure for me to finish today’s race like this and also to finish on the podium with arguably the two best guys of our generation at the moment – I hold them in very high esteem. I am happy with the finish and I am ready to go and do something different now and it was a special day for myself and everyone who helped me get here.”

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