Best Looking Formula 1 Cars Of 2013

The 2013 Formula 1 season regulations allowed teams to cover up the widely hated ‘platypus nose’, made infamous in 2012, if they wished to do so. The ‘platypus nose’ was deemed extremely ugly by many commentators of the sport and so the new regulations allowed for a more easy on the eye front end.

Many of the teams seized the opportunity that had been given to them and gladly gave their cars a nose job which in turn made the 2013 grid much better looking.

Yet, though a new nose was by far the most obvious detail changed, other minute changes were made to every car. In turn, this made for a completely new looking 2013 grid line up than the year before.

As such, some cars had their beauty enhanced whilst others were not so lucky. But which were the best looking of 2013?

Below is the three most eye catching and stunning Formula 1 cars of 2013 listed from 3 to 1.


3. F138. Team – Scuderia Ferrari

F138The Ferrari F138 was an extremely better looking car than its predecessor, the Ferrari F2012; its new front by far the most attractive on the grid. The duel coloured livery of red sitting atop a black foundation was complimented by a slender white line separating both the main colours. This updated colour scheme not only made the entire car look aerodynamically slicker and extremely cool, but also gave Ferrari a refreshing change from its usual red dominated livery.


2. MR02. Team – Marussia

MR02Though it consistently finished near the bottom of the field, the MR02 proved a team didn’t need a large bank account to have a good looking car. To begin with, Marussia followed McLaren’s direction by placing a more defined and sharper nose to its 2013 model. The team continued this piercing theme by applying a blood orange coloured lighting bolt livery across the MR02’s pitch black bodywork. The combination of a striking paint job and perfect body work made the MR02 one of the most memorable cars of the 2013 season.


1. RB9. Team – Red Bull Racing

The core of the Red Bull’s livery has remained the same since the team’s inauguration into Formula 1; a charging red bull placed over RB9the engine cover, sitting atop a yellow and blue livery. The Red Bull’s colour scheme of red, blue, yellow and grey has become as recognisable across the world almost as much as Ferrari’s staple colour, Ferrari Red. When Infiniti were announced as a major sponsor, it came as no surprise that the car manufacturers trademark purple would be involved somewhere on the 2013 Red Bull. It was, making an appearance on both side pods and replacing the seemingly unmoveable slogan, Red Bull. The RB9 was nicknamed ‘Hungry Heidi’ by Sebastian Vettel, after German supermodel Heidi Klum, and it’s not hard to see why. The RB9, like the famous beauty, is absolutely stunning. Red Bull have placed a number of colours side by side which should never match at all but instead have effortlessly created the best looking car of 2013.

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