Will Red Bull Continue To Dominate?

In the span of only eight seasons Red Bull Racing have managed to claim four Driver’s and Constructor’s World Championships.

When they first arrived in 2005, Red Bull were seen as a novelty team; a team which existed only to promote the Red Bull energy drink.

However, by the end of the 2007 season, Red Bull had proved they were a force to be reckoned with.

2009 saw Sebastian Vettel come second in the championship with the team also coming second in the Constructor’s championship.

red bull trophiesIn 2010 Red Bull finally realised their dream by comfortably winning both championships and since then they haven’t lost their duel crowns.

Now, this years season will see a shake up in the sports regulations which may also possibly shake up the hierarchy of the teams; a hierarchy which has been firmly in place for the past four seasons.

Obviously, Red Bull have lead this pecking order and will therefore have the most to lose.

But will they?

Ferrari, Lotus, Mercedes and McLaren have all tried to knock Red Bull off the top step. They have come close, but nonetheless, they have all failed to do it.

Whilst most teams see 2014 as a chance to improve, these four teams see 2014 as the chance they’ve needed to finally achieve the seemingly unachievable; to beat Red Bull.

Whether they will or not cannot be answered right now but what can be said is this; it’s quite possible Red Bull may dominate for more seasons to come if they manage to win their fifth straight championship.

If they manage to once again beat their closest rivals, but this time on an all new playing field, Red Bull will not only continue to possess the upper hand but also face a clear future ahead with no major regulation changes to effect their car development.

As such, this season could quite possibly be their rivals last best chance to beat them.


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