Force India Has The Looks - Mercedes Has The Voice

Whilst we sit and wait for testing to begin a Jerez, to see if there has indeed been a shake up in the hierarchy of the teams or not, we have been given a sneak peak of how the cars will at least look and how one of them will sound.

Force India, Williams, Mercedes and Lotus have launched the designs of their cars with only McLaren and Ferrari revealing their 2014 entries in earnest.

Force IndiaHow do the cars look so far?

Force India, like Ferrari, have incorporated more black into their liveries. Mclaren and Mercedes will continue to sport chrome and silver respectively and Lotus remains the same with Williams yet to reveal their livery.

The car’s noses will no doubt attract the most attention as each team so far features a different front wing design.

The ‘platypus bill’ design which was hated by many might have those who condemned it wishing it never left.

The different ‘anteater noses’ which have replaced them look bizarre in comparison and will no doubt attract as much, if not more, criticism than their predecessors.

Though its front wing design has yet to be revealed, it would seem Force India has so far got the jump in the looks category.

How do they sound?

Unfortunately we’ve only heard one so far, the Mercedes W05, and we’ll probably have to wait until Jerez until we can hear the rest of the grid (minus Lotus).

But, fortunately, the Mercedes sounds fantastic. The ‘clean’ sound of the engines that many feared would exist doesn’t seem to exist at all.

Though the V6 Turbo doesn’t have as much gravel between its vocal chords as the V8, it still packs enough in there to show it means business.

To listen to the Mercedes W05, please click on the link below:



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