Duck Commander 500

America’s favorite family and Texas Motor Speedway have teamed up to bring fans the “Duck Commander 500″ in April.

Willie Robertson was one of the first to break the news earlier today when he tweeted a picture of himself with the new “Duck Commander 500″ trophy, complete with the signature boots on the top.

With more than 150,000 fans filling the speedway in early April, the Duck Dynasty crew thought it was the perfect opportunity and a perfect sponsorship, signing a multi-year deal with the track.

“We’re excited about the partnership for the Duck Commander 500, being aligned with NASCAR, and to have our brand associated with an event of this magnitude,” shared Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson. “We are all big fans of NASCAR and have been all our lives. It’s especially exciting to see our brand join to make it an awesome experience for the fan base and we can’t think of a better place than our neighbor at the Texas Motor Speedway.”

Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage feels the same way.

“This is perhaps the most unique sponsorship in professional sports because not only does this come with special branding, it comes with celebrity spokespeople that are followed by tens of millions of people every week,” Gossage said in a track release. “Fans will see members of the Robertson Family and cast of “Duck Dynasty” and all the rest during Duck Commander 500 week here at Texas Motor Speedway and we have produced some awesome merchandise that both race fans and Duck Commander fans will love. This marriage is perfection.”

The “Duck Commander” brand was founded in 1972 and has since grown to include the famous TV show on A&E.

Along with track merchandise, Uncle Si’s Tea will also be sold at the track. Members of the famous family will be making appearances throughout race weekend and the “Duck Commander” brand will be present around the track for fans and guests to see.

Tickets for the first “Duck Commander 500″ go on sale February 14 so grab those tickets for the perfect Valentine’s Day present!


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  • Djimba Vallinor

    ROFLMAO @ America’s favorite family

  • Sandy Carrington

    Fox totally dissed the Duck Commander family and it is a disgrace !

    • eryche

      I didn’t see anything in this article about Fox. What are you talking about, and why is it a “disgrace”?

  • eryche

    America’s favorite family? From how many Americans did they take that poll?

    • tdlauburn

      I would say people in the South and in the Mid-West as well as the Central US enjoy the show and support it. It’s all the city bums around the coast that are more into crap like the Kardashians.

      • eryche

        It’s a stretch to call these people America’s favorite family regardless of where their fans are from. I find them entertaining on occasion when there’s not much else on, but in small doses. And, no, I don’t watch Kardashians. My favorite family currently is the Bates, of Bates Motel. Now, that’s entertainment!

        • tdlauburn

          I’m sure they’re going off ratings, compared to shows about other REAL families. Bates Motel is a fictional show.

          • eryche

            It is? Man, all this time I thought they were real people in a real town! LMAO

          • tdlauburn

            Point being that the psycho characters you like that murder people and get away with aren’t a real family. You said they were your favorite family. Goes a little outside the discussion

          • eryche

            Point taken. And, truth be told, I’m not actually fond of psycho murderers. But Bates Motel is one of my favorite shows. I did go a bit outside of the discussion.

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