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Team Penske Drivers Stars In '¡Three Amigos!' Spoof Video

Earlier this season Tony Stewart and the Mobil 1 folks got together and made a video series based on the famous “Smokey and The Bandit” movies. The series which is called “Smoke and The Bandit” can be seen on the Mobil 1 Facebook page; all of the episodes have yet to be released. It would appear that Team Penske is joining in on the spoof fun with their new spoof on the classic ‘¡Three Amigos!’ However, instead of being known as the amigos, they are instead known as “The Racing Cowboys.”

Team Penske drivers Ryan Blaney, Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski filmed the videos a couple of weeks ago. The videos are an advertisement for Discount Tires which is also the primary sponsor for the No. 22 Nationwide car that the three drivers take turns driving. Discount Tires and decided to team up and pay homage to the 1968 classic ‘¡Three Amigos!’ and thus these videos were born.

The actual videos have not yet been released but they did release a teaser trailer of sorts which can be seen below.

The trailer itself is pretty funny. The three drivers each have some entertaining lines during the video as do some of the NASCAR Analysts which are represented by their quotes. Aside from the lines it’s also fun to watch the three guys attempt to ride the horses in the video. If the actual videos are along the same comedic lines as the trailer than they should be fairly entertaining as well.

As fun as it must have been to make the videos, Team Penske is sure to be all business this weekend when it comes to the Sprint Cup race in Fontana. Each of the Penske drivers is coming off of a disappointing finish in the Food City 500 and they are going to want to fair better this weekend.

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