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Danica Patrick Takes A Shot At Richard Petty

It wasn’t a knockout blow but Danica Patrick did take a bit of a shot at Richard Petty during her recent appearance on FOX and Friends Morning Show. For those of you that are not aware, earlier this year Petty was asked about Patrick and her progress in NASCAR. Petty then made a witty comment about how Patrick would only win a race if nobody else showed up. He would then go on to explain that while she might be a good driver, she isn’t a good “racecar driver.”

At the time the comments were made Patrick shied away from the situation; her boss Tony Stewart did not. Stewart more or less called out Petty for his comments alluding to the fact that he might be sexist. Stewart also offered to set up a one on one race between the two drivers to prove just how good Patrick really is. Although such a challenge seemed far fetched, Petty did accept the challenge a couple of weeks later. More than a month has passed since then and there hasn’t been much more comment on the matter until this week on FOX and Friends.

While on the show Patrick was asked about the comments that Petty made.

I have respect for my elders.

People are going to judge what [Petty] says, but I’m not going to. I have the faith and belief of Tony Stewart, the people around me, the people who own the team, and that’s what matters.

Patrick then addressed whether or not she believed that she would always be fighting for respect as a woman in a sport dominated by men.

I’ve thought about this a lot and I think that everybody has to fight for it, whether you’re a girl or a guy or you’re new. There will always be some that you don’t make believers and that’s perfectly fine. It  makes for an interesting conversation, I suppose.

Whether you support Patrick or not, the one thing that she can do to quiet critics is win. Winning a race would go a long way in cementing the fact that she does indeed belong in the world of NASCAR. As long as she remains winless, she is always going to have to deal with the likes of Petty and others saying that she is in over her head.

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