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NASCAR And Jeff Gordon Impact Texas A&M Engineers

A couple of weeks ago Jeff Gordon teamed up with Texas A&M at Texas Motor Speedway. It was during this event that Gordon ran a special A&M paint scheme that he almost took to Victory Lane. Unfortunately for Gordon and his fans, the No. 24 machine had to settle for second place on that Monday afternoon. Regardless of where he finished though, Gordon and NASCAR made a positive impact on the lives of a handful of Texas A&M engineers that weekend.

As part of the partnership with the school, 28 students were brought to Texas Motor Speedway for the race on Sunday. Some of those students were then brought back to the track on Monday seeing as how rain didn’t allow for the event to run on Sunday. One of the students who got to make the trip both days was Texas A&M Senior John Mayo. On Monday Mayo talked about the experience via

I hope future Aggies get to experience this. It’s a great thing especially as a senior to sort of like look forward to especially if you start early on. Oh maybe I can apply it to this and possibly get that to work towards this; it was a great way to wrap up my senior year at A&M.

The engineers who made the trek to the track were not the only ones that benefited from this partnership. Earlier that weekend Gordon made a visit to the Texas A&M campus where he spoke with student, staff and alumni. It was during this time that Gordon spoke about how important engineering is to the sport of NASCAR and the impacts that it has on the car and the tracks.

I think a lot of people they don’t have a full appreciation for what goes into taking a race car to the racetrack at a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race every single weekend.

Texas and the partnership with Texas A&M turned out to be almost perfect for Gordon and the No. 24 crew. Although he didn’t win, he did walk out with the points lead for the first time since the 2009 season. Although Gordon remains without a win, he still holds that points lead and thus the final spot in this year’s chase. When NASCAR gets back to racing at Richmond after Easter weekend, you can bet that Gordon will be looking to keep his momentum going as he tries to win his first race of the season.

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