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NASCAR: Brad Keselowski Betrayed By Hendrick Motorsports

Most NASCAR fans know Brad Keselowski as one of the faces of Team Penske. This became even more evident when Keselowski won the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship. Although Keselowski is an important part of Team Penske today, it wasn’t always the place where he thought that he was going to end up. There was a point in time where Keselowski saw himself as the next big thing to get a Sprint Cup ride with Hendrick Motorsports.

Back in 2008 Keselowski was running in the Nationwide Series with JR Motorsports which is Dale Earnhardt Jr’s team. It was at this time that Keselowski was eyeing the No. 5 car in the Sprint Cup Series on Hendrick Motorsports. At the time the No. 5 machine was being driven by Mark Martin. Martin’s career was obviously winding down and as a result of conversations with Rick Hendrick, Keselowski believed that the No. 5 ride was his.

In a recent interview with Graham Bensinger, Keselowski discusses the first time that Roger Penske called him to talk about joining Team Penske. He talks about how he was committed to Hendrick Motorsports at the time and how he believed that he was going to be given a full time Sprint Cup ride with them. Keselowski also delves into when he began to feel that things with Hendrick weren’t going to work out and when he started to believe that the writing was on the wall.

In 2009 Martin won a race which is what Keselowski more or less felt was the catalyst to the end of his time with HMS. It was from there that Martin resigned with the team and continued to race the No. 5 machine until HMS transitioned the ride over to Kasey Kahne. The thought of HMS being comprised of Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Earnhardt and Keselowski is an interesting one. Keselowski is easily a better driver than Kahne is, it’s hard to debate that given the fact that he has won a Sprint Cup Championship. However, you have to wonder if he would have won that championship had he been with HMS at the time.

The interview with Bedsinger is definitely worth watching. You can view the interview on by clicking HERE.

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  • jcapp

    Hes the same shitty attitude as kyle busch,no wonder,crybaby!

  • Rocco11

    He’s a great driver, just ask Jr. who gave him his first job.

  • Michael Sanders

    “A few flashes of brilliance in Nationwide”? You’re kidding, right? In 2008-2009, in 70 starts he had 6 wins and 33 top 5′s. Hardly “a few”, and yeah, that does indeed say that he was ready for Cup. How about these Nationwide stats: 72 starts, 1 win, 4 top 5′s. Anything in there screaming “move him to Cup NOW”? I thought not. Those are the pre-Cup stats of the driver of the 48 car. How did he turn out? If you’re going to make a case, make it correctly.

    • Michael Sanders

      Okay, I will defer to your knowledge of Johnson’s Busch Series car (I don’t really like to quote any of his stats anyway). Let’s just deal with Keselowski’s stats in 2008-09. You’re still going to catagorize them as “a few flashes of brilliance”? Man, you’re hard to please.