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Winning NASCAR Races Now Equals A Free Breakfast

A win during the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup season is huge. Aside from the points that a driver earns from the win; the victory also nearly guarantees them a spot in the chase. Wins also provide momentum and can take the stress away from a team. In 2014 wins also provide something else, free breakfast.

According to a recent article on, the Boxcar Grille in Statesville, NC will now serve a free breakfast to each weeks winning driver and team. The breakfast which is served the week following the win is open to any and all employees of the winning team. This past week over 250 employees of Stewart-Haas racing enjoyed the free catered breakfast thanks to Kevin Harvick winning the Bojangles’ 500.

Catering Manager Kevin Crouse commented on the service.

It’s cool for us because you sit there and watch a national sport on TV, and it affects what you do that week. And now that the teams are getting to know us, they’re watching their teams race and looking forward to us coming for breakfast. That’s what was said to me at Penske Racing last week.

For those of you that are underestimating the value of a good breakfast, you should think again. Although most team probably do provide some sort of food, it’s nothing compared to this spread or so says Joe Dimillo of SHR.

We used to get bagels and muffins, and it was good for what it was, but it was the same thing all the time. Now we get a variety and it’s all hot food, so we try to win every week.

The breakfasts are sponsored by Sprint and accordingly Miss Sprint Cup makes an appearance at each one. It’s safe to say that the free breakfast is a nice perk and not the driving force behind why the drivers want to win races. That being said, this is still a pretty cool deal. This is a local business in North Carolina that has entered a pretty unique partnership with NASCAR and Sprint. One would have to assume that this is doing wonders for their business. Aside from that this is just one of those nice feel-good type of stories.

I wonder how many “employees” come out of the woodwork for the free food though.

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