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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Comments On When Chase Elliott Should Move To Sprint Cup

If you’re a NASCAR fan than your most likely already know all about Chase Elliott. Elliott is the 18 year old Nationwide Series rookie that has won back-to-back races for his JR Motorsports team. He is also considered to be a future superstar in the world of Sprint Cup racing. As a result of Elliott’s recent success there have already been discussions and debates as to when the rookie should be moved to Sprint Cup full time. With that debate also comes the question of where he would go and what car he would drive.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently weighed in on the conversation about Elliott via his Twitter account.


Interestingly enough Earnhardt himself also spent two seasons in what would have been considered the Nationwide Series before making his jump to Sprint Cup. Not only did he run two full seasons in 1998 and 1999 but he also won back-to-back championships before making his full time Sprint Cup debut. It would seem that Earnhardt feels as though the route that he took is also the one that Elliott should take. It’s also quite plausible that should Elliott follow this path, he too would be bringing multiple series championships with him when he makes his Sprint Cup debut.

Elliott was recently asked about his future and his eventually transition to Sprint Cup.

Well, that’s a good question. It’s one I am not worried about at all right now. I really haven’t thought about it a bit to be honest with you. I feel like it’s way too early on to be worried about that. The biggest thing we can focus on is that I have a great opportunity right now at JR Motorsports, with NAPA Auto Parts and I want to try and make the very most of that and do the best job I can do behind the wheel for these guys. If we can do that and do it well, I think the future will figure itself out.

Even if Elliott waits a couple of years he will still be entering Sprint Cup at what the age of 20? A couple of years in Nationwide will be good for him, there isn’t any need to rush him to the top. Joey Logano was rushed to Sprint Cup and although he found some success early one, he has admitted in recent interviews that he came up too quickly. Aside from not wanting to rush Elliott, there also isn’t currently a seat available for him inside of the Hendrick camp.

Patience is a virtue, or so they say.

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