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Hermie Sadler Teams With Former WCW And TNA World Champion


Jeff Jarrett (Courtesy of TNA Wrestling)

Jeff Jarrett (Courtesy of TNA Wrestling)

Former NASCAR driver and current NASCAR broadcaster Hermie Sadler has decided to get into the wrestling business. Sadler announced that he recently accepted a seat on the board of directors of Global Force Wrestling. For those of you that are not aware, Global Force Wrestling is the promotion that was recently created by former WCW and TNA World Champion Jeff Jarrett. Aside from his success in WCW and TNA, Jarrett was also a six-time Intercontinental Champion in WWE.

Sadler’s position on the board will immediately have a crossover into the world of racing because Global Force will be the sponsor of his car on Thursday in the Denny Hamlin Showdown. The Denny Hamlin Showdown is a short track event that Hamlin runs to benefit charity. Interestingly enough this is not Sadler’s first rodeo when it comes to the world of professional wrestling. Sadler was an on-air talent for TNA, mostly handling backstage interviews. He also has done promotional work with United Wrestling Federation.

When asked about his relationship with Sadler, Jarrett had the following to say:

Hermie and I have been friends for more than 20 years. Yes, he has been a great driver for years, but I have always admired him for his business acumen. He also fits with GFW because he understands the importance of fan interaction as clearly all of NASCAR does.

For Sadler this is simply the continuation of a dream in which he has been able to live out both his passion to race and be in the world of professional wrestling.

I’m very, very lucky. I get to do what I love [NASCAR] for a living first of all. And then to get involved in another startup wrestling organization that’s going to bring together a lot of people and employ a lot of people and entertain a lot of people. So, I’m excited about that.

Jarrett, who was also the founder of TNA, currently has no timetable for when GFW will launch. In the world of professional wrestling this might be as good of a time as any to start a new promotion. TNA has been on the slide for a couple of years now and has always been a distant number two behind WWE. Many in the wrestling community are wondering how TNA is even still in business. Once GFW launches its immediate competition will be TNA. If they were able to force them out of business or merge with them there is always the possibility of them trying to making some noise under WWE.

However, WWE is very much a Hendrick Motorsports or a Team Penske where as TNA and GFW would be a Swan Racing. And we all know how things turned out for Swan Racing. Hopefully Sadler is in this for the love of the environment and not to make a living because it could be a tough road.  Regardless, he seems thrilled about the new venture. Although Sadler ran in the Denny Hamlin Showdown there is no word as to whether or not he will attempt to run any NASCAR events to get GFW and NASCAR sponsorships.

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