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NASCAR: Which Sponsors Get The Most TV Time During Races?

There is a lot that goes on during a NASCAR television broadcast. Aside from talking about who is leading the race numerous other drivers, sponsors  and storylines are touched on multiple times during any given event. Have you ever wondered if one driver or sponsor is mentioned more than others or if one manufacturer gets more love than another?

The folks over at Joyce Julius and Associates compiled some information based on the first eight NASCAR Sprint Cup events of the 2014 season. There are so many factors that go into why a driver and sponsor get more TV time than another. Obviously drivers who consistently run well will naturally get their sponsors on TV over those who are not. Drivers that wreck more or make more mistakes will also get some extra TV time over those who simply don’t run well. Also, many races are sponsored by companies that also sponsor drivers. During the Subway 400 it’s very logical for them to mention the name Subway multiple times and show the Subway sponsored No. 99 car. While drawing specific conclusions from this data might be difficult; simply looking at the below numbers is fun.

The two drivers that produced the most TV time for their sponsors are Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick.

  • Johnson’s sponsors appeared on the screen for 11hours 11 minutes and 40 seconds in 2014. Additionally his sponsors names were mentioned 37 times.
  • Harvick’s sponsors appeared on the screen for 10 hours and 47 minutes in 2014. The big difference here is that Harvick’s sponsors had 73 verbal mentions compared to Johnson’s 37.

Here are some other interesting findings from Joyce Julius and Associates.

  • The most seen hood on TV belonged to Joey Logano with a total on-screen time of 2:27:16. Jeff Gordon’s hood was second with 2:17:11.
  • Brad Keselowski and Gordon shared the distinction for having the most monitored sponsors during the telecast with 58 each.
  • Kyle Busch helped generate the single-most TV exposure for a car manufacturer with a contribution of 1:07:17 and 24 mentions leading to more than $6.5 million of exposure value for Toyota.

Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski rounded out the top five for TV time. Interestingly or maybe not so interestingly, Danica Patrick did not crack the top-10. Some of the other big names in the top-10 were both of the Busch brothers and Carl Edwards.

Again, there are so many things that go into why these numbers are what they are. NASCAR more than most sports is driven by sponsors and advertisements. Many drivers are associated very closely with the sponsors that they drive with on their cars. Are you surprised by any of the above stats? Are there any sponsors or drivers that you thought would have been profiled more than the ones that were?

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