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Enough Of Superficial Proposals, Formula One Needs Real Changes

“How can you enrich six very strong teams and disenfranchise six, and expect those six to be happy?” were the words of rejuvenated  Force India and their deputy team principal Bob Fernley.

Their words are part of growing issues within the world of Formula One.

For a sport that is built around vast sums of money, the money issues within are incredible.

Last year, Ferrari, despite a poor season, took home over £100,000,000, helped no doubt by their historic rights payments. In contrast, Caterham took home £6,000,000.  That is a £94,000,000 difference between a title challenger and a team that often feels like it is there simply to make up the numbers.

Thankfully, the warning lights were heeded, and there were plans for a cost cap, to level the playing field.

Unsurprisingly, the plans were short lived, as Jean Todt revealed that the six biggest Formula One teams in Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, Williams, McLaren and Lotus had written to the FIA suggesting that a budget cap was impossible, and that the money should be cut through technical and sporting regulations.

Basically, those teams would rather keep their dominance by throwing money at the sport.

However, the most ridiculous of all is Lotus pushing for carefree spending. Kimi Raikkonen left them for Ferrari, not only for expected reasons,  but because they had also failed to pay some of his wages.

It is simply unfathomable that a team can be in dire straights financially, relying on the income of Pastor Maldonado, one of the least talented drivers in Formula One to function and yet at the same time, oppose financial controls.

Formula One is panicking. Lower viewership and the rule changes have the heads of Formula One looking for a ‘holy grail’ solution to bring excitement and fans back to the sport.

Their levels of ineptitude have been made public as we have heard suggestions of a new exhaust to make the cars louder, along with making the cars spark again, and finally, glowing brake discs. Thrilling.

Rather than superficial changes to how a car looks and acts, it is time Formula One woke up and realised that the real issue is a lack of competition.

If all teams were made to cut spending gradually, before the implementation of a budget cap, then every time would have an equal chance to compete.

For that competition to work though, we would need the best drivers out there to get that extra advantage  over a level playing field.

As of now, we are deprived of this. It is so difficult for a talented young driver to make it into Formula One without huge financial backing. While we have the likes of Valtteri Bottas proving he deserves a Formula One chance, we have too many drivers like Pastor Maldonado restricting the chances of the deserving.

It is highly ironic that the Formula One money makers can not see that the money is the issue within Formula One as well as its strength. It is time to stop with superficial ideas, and look to really change the state of play in Formula One.

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